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Hi, guys!!
Do u enjoy Ohanami?
Japanese cherry blossoms are already over, but that of Toram is in full bloom!!
I play as inefficiently as always xD
Please enjoy♪

Romeo & Cinderella [Original] (English Cover) by JubyPhonic


Romeo & Cinderella ♡ Original ♡ (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】ロミオとシンデレラ


Setting all the words now free, I can’t be the Juliet of a tragedy
Don’t let me go, take me from this story
Is just what I’ve been thinking

To mom and dad I say goodnight until the morning
I really hope that they can dream again not knowing
Of how the night is burning brightly in my head
Us two together I can taste the caramel now
It shouldn’t matter but my legs are crossing somehow
Never to know how far we’ll go tonight again
But don’t bite me like I might be going home tonight
Just take it slow and sweet, I hate the bitterest things
I guess I haven’t changed much still eating sweets before I go to sleep
Then I’ll tell you all the things that maybe you still think
And I won’t lie I know that you’re dying to know
Every tiny bit up and down and all around
Tonight’s the night that I’ll show you my-

I dreamed once upon I was Cinderella
And as I ran away, I felt my sneakers failing
Oh magic, won’t you keep our time running slow?
All alone we hide from all the monsters outside
Now run, don’t look back as if Juliet had
And promise right away, you know that’s not my name now
It’s me and you and no one else will make do
I live a boring story alone without you
Hey Why don’t just you and I make this not end?

Mascara lining every inch I keep on going
The more the better but I’ll change tomorrow morning
I never meant to go against you, don’t be mad
The satin lace I try to pace and hold myself back
It’s not race, but we all know control’s what I lack
Never to know to where it goes tonight again
And I bite you like I might be only yours tonight
I know it hurts but that’s so you’ll remember the sting
And I know that my dad just does not approve
And takes me far from you
No I wont complain just quietly
Give me your hand and you’ll see
How you’re bound to be forever with me
Just please take me from here
Will you be my Romeo
And steal me out of this fairy tale?

I dreamed that the bell made me Cinderella
And as I ran away, left crystal heels trailing
Turn back around so maybe I can be found
All alone I hide from cursed dreams kept inside
She ran looking back, I know that Juliet had
Left that behind to guide him to her side he ran blind
Although I know, my hand just wouldn’t let go
It was always you, and in my mind I have to
Hey If you’d just turn around and see me here…

Look into my heart you’ll find nothing but a hole filled with deep desire
Been blinding me so I couldn’t see how a heart hungry yearns for fire
From friendly to making memories, the more I see new, the more I need you
No don’t stop, my head if reeling, I know you’re here, but I can’t shake the feeling
“Hey don’t leave me when you don’t know a thing”

He held out his hand, it was small nothing grand
Who knew that joy was hiding all along and began to grow?
I know that I must tell you the truth
When you look at me, there’s no way I can just leave
I grew once upon in a castle so grand
The king and queen protested that I have the best yet
“Accept your fate” you were always running away
God just won’t forgive how greedy now my heart is
The liar inside of me, Cinderella
The big bad wolf would eat her, if she treaded nearer
Oh god have I been always living a lie?
Who can save me now? Knowing that I’ll gulped down
Please save me just like you’re the prince I love so deep

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