Toram 2H Build lv. 155 ; AMPR+DPS = Monster?! -トーラム


Created New 2h Build with lvl 4 2 hand sword skills that got released recently. Taken Meteor, Buster Blade, Berserk and many other from other class tresses to make it a perfect build in my sense. I have gotten 2h to its max potential with all the attack up skills and buffs to show you guys how much dmg it can do.

Build info-
Stability- 65% at lvl 155 while Berserk active. Without berserk its 90%

Crit- 100% with berserk/Astute and +15 crit on armour.

Total Ampr- Base 15+ Sword 20+ Deniala 6+ Trigger 20+ Rampage 25+ Kairiki 25 = 111.
With Ava stats, I have 129 AMPR which makes my 3mp combos possible.

If u have 1 slot 2h use Gwaimol.

いいね ! しよう

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