My Best Build – Halberd Lv 215 AMPR Playstyle Semi Spammer Toram Online

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My recommendation for medium budget
Weapon: Venena II 1s (gwaimol)
Elemental weapon 1s (gwaimol)
Armor: Adventure garb 2s atk7% cd10% cd20 cr21 (gopherga-gravicep)
Add: Bearhat (ageladanios)
Ring: Machina 2s (ageladanios-patissia)
You just have choose about ASPD/AMPR/POWER on medium budget
If need ASPD+AMPR (Add use WW and Ring Patissia)
If need ASPD+POWER ( Add use WW and Ring Gravicep)
If need AMPR+POWER (Add use Ageladanios and Ring Patissia)
Im not use many Ageladanios because too many budget to extraction crysta hahaha

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