Toram Online|Dual Sword SOLO Battle VS Demonic Quasar : Nightmare

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This Video I want to show You My Dual Sword playstyle & try to Defeat New Boss Demonic Quasar

Demonic Quasar You can find on Map : Morga Wasteland

Side Mission Quest from Hora Diomeda

It’s seriously annoying Boss, the Boss can move from the place quickly & sudden attacks are quite dangerous

Nightmare ? 40.000.000 (40m) HP Boss ?
Really patience and the right timing is really tested here

You Need “Physical Pierce” too on Nightmare, because High Boss DEF

Ok, Let Me defeated Boss Solo with My Dual Sword

No Mercenary
No Partner
No Pet

5 Item Buff enough for Me, help me beat Boss faster
Item Buff :
– Tera Speed (+1000 ASPD)
– Penetrating Oil (+3% ATK & +10% Physical Pierce)
– Genkyou Nut Rice (+25% Physical Resistance & Magic Resistance)
– Mana Catalyst (+9 AMPR)
– Zombie Cake (+5% Damage to Dark Element & +100 ASPD & CSPD)





00:00 Angel Beats! – Brave Song (Remix)

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