Toram Online – ” Levia ” Mage Luck Hybrid Build Lv. 205

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” Levia ” Lv. 205 was new release of Mage Luck Hybrid Build, it has all rounder features such as hunting, farming, taming and refining.

Hybrid Features :
-Hunter ( High DPS, 100% Magic Pierce can be achieved )
-Farmer ( Storm, Blizzard, Guardian Beam, Meteor )
-Tamer ( Pet Heal, Pet MP Charge )
-Blacksmith ( Luck 255 for +S Refine )

-New Combo Features :
Combo 1 : 1000mp

Combo 2 : 100mp
(Hell Blizzard)

Song :
FF XIV – Blackbosom (Edda’s Theme) piano solo ( Terry D)
FF XIV – Eden Refulgence

Note : I do not have this music. The original compositions and music of the covers that I do are copyright their respective owners.

Combo 1 ( Finale ) : mp1000
-Finale (smite)
-Javelin (cons)

Combo 2 ( Hell Blizzard ) : mp100
-Impact (save)
-Storm (smite)
-Meteor (cons)

Here is my tips for use :
-Daily mobs/ miniboss
Sneak atk, familia, Combo 2, hit 2x, Combo 1…

Thats all from Glen, hope u enjoy, see yaa
“Skill and Prof are made from hardwork, excercise, and thousand fail”
“Never give up to train your potential, and raise it to maximum”

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